We are dedicated

to furthering open genome science & technology.


The Computational Genomics Lab is a shared venture

led by faculty, research scientists and engineers within the

What We Do

Our research is currently focused on:

  • Building technology to connect the institutional silos where genome information is now isolated by forging and implementing interoperable standards. We are a proud members of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health.
  • Comparing the history of vertebrate genomes. Want to reconstruct a 65 million old genome from the genomes of its descendants? Talk to us! We love the Genome 10K, a project to sequence 10,000 vertebrate genomes.
  • Using next-next generation sequencing technology to create more complete, accurate and phased genomes.
  • Making it easy to discover and share portable, reproducible and scalable genomic workflows.
  • Analyzing massive genomic datasets using the cloud.
  • Build a human reference genome structure that contains all common variation as a universal basis for genomics.
  • Completing the library of human and mouse RNAs.